Saturday, April 29, 2006

The story so far

Confused? Too fucking right.

So what the fuck's been going on?

After some genius fucking posting, I started to feel under pressure to carry on with the high standard of bile I'd created. Then I started to resent the fucking thing. I also realised that I spent far too much of my fucking time visiting, reading, commenting and writing blogs, to the detriment of my real life.

So I thought I'd kill off El Barbudo and get my fucking life back. I'd go out with a bang - big Blunt Cogs story line - and then that would be it.

As Easter arrived I couldn't resist taking a swipe at the fucking Christians and so posted another BC script. I also found I'd got nominated, and won, blog of the week from A Mischief of Magpies.

I got nostalgic.

So I thought I could do the odd post here and there.

But I was attacked on several sides for being an attention seeker - AS IF ANY OF YOU FUCKING CUNTS WHO WRITE A BLOG FOR THE WORLD TO SEE ISN'T A FUCKING ATTENTION SEEKER.

So I thought Fuckit. I should have just stayed dead when I was killed off and I deleted the fucking blog.

Suddenly El Barbudo was back as a puppet for some other cunt to play with and I had no fucking control over what was done with him.

Serves me right for being a stupid cunt.

But then Monstee and Binty created El Barbustee and El Barbintyo, who were works of fucking genius, and I thought there was maybe a role as the Ghost of El Barbudo.

Out of nowhere I was suddenly given the keys back to El Barbudo by the kindest, sweetest, most caring, most understanding, prettiest, scariest bitch in the Blunt Cogs circle who had acquired them.

So I'm back.

I'm only going to post when I have something worth posting. If I go for 6 months without posting then so be fucking it. But no other fucker is going to steal my fucking blog site again.

I kept a copy of my favourite entries so have posted them back up for anyone who's interested.

Now fuck off the lot of you.


Sarah said...

"the kindest, sweetest, most caring, most understanding, prettiest, scariest bitch in the Blunt Cogs circle"

i've decided to keep this title.

i quite like it.

SafeTinspector said...

Sarah:You wear it well.
El Barbudo:I'm a yank, so I'm only able to follow about half your reasoning, so correct me if I'm wrong.
You are saying,
Fuck, cunt, goddamn shit happened and fuckit all, they cunted a repectable queef out of my fucking arse and pulled a turd-tastic plum on the stupid cunt prod they have dingling 'tween their horse production. Bugger off to hell and rape a dead dictator!

...that about right?

Binty McShae said...

It was Sarah!!?? I was convinced it was Doc M.! Well I'll be jiggered....

El Barbintyo said...

Well, suppose I'll be awa' then. Wiz nice tae step intae someone elses shoes fer a wee bit, but a' guid things come tae an end an' a' that... ah wiz fuckin' enjoyin' masel', mind!

Monstee said...

[sarcasm] HA HA HA!
Me knew it was Sarah all the time! [/sarcasm]

Me hinted at that in me first comment. Good to have you back sir!
Me look forward to anything, anytime! Live you life, but NEVER leave us again!

We need the hate.

El Barbustee said...

Well, now that REAL El Barbudo am back in place, me guess me out of here too. Me not going to delete me blog though. Never know when me might be needed (of funny) again. Heh, me feel like Batman or something.

Hey Barbintyo! Lets go get bent! If this guy take more than 6 months to show us anything... we may still need to fill in gaps.

El Barbudo said...

Sarah, I thought you'd like it. Wear it with pride

SafeT, you got it in one

Binty & Monstee, I don't think it was Sarah to begin with. said on the fake site that any cunt wanting to become a team member should e-mail him/her. Sarah said she e-mailed and was given the codes

El Barbustee & El Barbintyo, keep it going. You 2 are too fucking good to delete.

Sarah said...

McShae! it was you that started this line of accusation!

i would never mess with someone else's identity. making a clone is one thing, but taking over someone's site and pretending to be them. tacky.

the clones were/are funny. and i even laughed a little about the fake el b, i thought it was him taking the piss out of himself.

causing a person actual distress in such a way. not funny. when the username and password were handed off to me. it wasn't a question to give it back to the rightful owner.

i apologize if my honesty is a bit unbelievable to some.

Dr Maroon said...

I'm the one that's jeegered. I am a dull and simple lad, cannot tell water from champagne, I only suggested it as a high jink, to keep all your faces straight.
Who did what, when was and is a mystery. It was also much more irritating than i would have thought possible.

fatmammycat said...

So it is true. I thought it was one of those rumours, like the tooth fairy and shit. Well now, welcome back Beardy.

Foot Eater said...

Well, Barbudo obviously knows who the impostor was, as a quick look at his link list will reveal.

LindyK said...

Beardy, is it really you?! I thought I spotted a telescope when I looked out my window the other evening... Glad you're back!