Friday, April 28, 2006

I'm Back You Cunts

Well that was a close fucking call.

It's a fucking cliche, but sometimes you just don't appreciate something you've got until some cunt takes it off you and fucks about with it.


El Barbustee said...

Few! Am me glad THAT am over.

So, do this mean you gonna be blogging again? Me know and understand all that bollocks about real life and everything, but fuck! A posting ever few months or so never hurt anyone! We not looking for every day or weekly posts here! How bout 4 times a year?

The Quarterly Barbudo Bile!

Now that something to look forward to!

El Barbintyo said...

Is this REALLY you?

El Barbustee said...

It really him. You can tell cause he profile have listing of him blogs and Blunt Cogs am one of them. THAT how you tell real El Barbudo from fake and how me know who was who whole time!

El Barbintyo said...

Welcome hame ye auld cunt!

SafeTinspector said...

Crap, and I forgot 27anon's password. Fine, then. I'll just say 'hi' as the me that I am.

El Barbudo said...