Sunday, July 30, 2006

Two Fucking Wrongs

For Fuck's sake! Fucking Israeli Scum Bastards are even bigger fucking scum bastards than the Fucking Hezbollah Scum Bastards.

If you want to kill your enemy then go ahead and kill your fucking enemy. People who are not in the fucking army - children and civilians - are not the fucking enemy.

Just because the Fucking Hezbollah Scum Bastards shoot rockets into Israel and kill a few civilians doesn't mean that the Fucking Israeli Scum Bastards are entitled to kill thirty times as many Lebanese civilians.

According to - 29th July 2006
Some 600 Lebanese, the majority civilians, are confirmed killed in the conflict. Fifty-one Israelis, including at least 18 civilians, have been killed, mostly by Hezbollah rockets.

Let's see - Hezbollah kills 18 Israeli civilians - remember, civilians means non-combatants - and Israel kills the majority of 600 civilians.

While some fucking politicians say that Israel's response is "disproportionate", Tony Fucking Blair and George Fucking Bush won't even call for a ceasefire

Fucking cunts. The absolute fucking cunts.

And where are the cunts who make the decisions that cause all these deaths of innocent people? Are their lives at risk? Are their children being killed? Like fuck.

Take the children of all the fucking cunts who give orders to kill civilians, or to play fucking politics with people's lives and put them in the firing line. Then you'd see how fucking quickly they'd be able to talk out a solution.

Fucking scum bastards