Friday, November 11, 2005

Tom & Jerry - Nazi Propganda - A Remembrance Day Theme

During the World Wars, the British soldiers were affectionately known as Tommy, while the German Hun were known as Jerry.

And yet, in February 1940, before the US entered WWII, MGM released their first in a series of cartoons starring Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse, battling each other for supremacy of the home and refridgerator.

And who always wins? Jerry fucking mouse does, that's who.

What does that tell you about the Amercian attitude to the British eh?

In the comments Gorilla Bananas said...
Other the other had, Tom is much funnier. Unlike Jerry, he occasionally talks and gets to do funny voices. He also gets to sing, e.g. "Is you is or is you ain't my baby".

Is you is or is you ain't my baby?
The way you're actin' lately makes me doubt
Yous is still my baby-baby
Seems my flame in your heart's done gone out
A woman is a creature that has always been strange
Just when you're sure of one
You find she's gone and made a change
Is you is or is you ain't my baby
Maybe baby's found somebody new
Or is my baby still my baby true?

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Jack said...

...Perhaps the Americans(like myself) still remember how the Brits taxed the hell outa us and wouldn't give us certain rights(religious freedom)which was why many villages were settled in "the new land". On that note, maybe you should mention how America HAD to step in to put Germany back in its place, seeing as he had conquered almost ALL of Europe before we came in. Besides, we were enemies with the Germans so why would have a cartoon about our enemies defeating our ally? Maybe jerry was a random name for the mouse and tom came from the term "tom-cat". Try to keep a cool head. ;)