Saturday, November 05, 2005

There are some sick bastards out there

I've just been looking at where some of the visitors to this site are coming from, and many are coming from the sites I'm linked to on the right. These sick fuckers are my kind of sick fuckers.

Then there are those that have found my site via search engines, typing in phrases such as "Cunt Eater", "Arse Fucking", "Fucking Cunt", and even "Glasgow Scotland". These sick fuckers will have been severely fucking disappointed by this site, and so they fucking should be. Perverted cunts.

But then there are some who have come here from sites that are quite unrelated. I can only assume that the sick fuckers have both these sites, and my blog, in their favourites folder, so that they can switch back and forth.

So come on you cunts. Who's going to own up to being regular visitors to:
and most disturbingly of all

These sick cunts are in a league of their own

Beware your perverted web-surfing habits - they can be traced...


It seems that someone has recently accessed my site from Google, using the phrase

How to use a parachute

I have this wonderful vision of the fucker working his way through this blog, looking for useful information while plummeting at 120 mph!

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