Wednesday, August 08, 2007



Monstee said...

YEA! Something!

Let's see....
Clear, concise, to point.
High with hate, low with bullshit.
Yup, that will do nicely.

See ya again in six months!


Sarah said...

done in true El B form.

i love it.

i have a runny nose!


Binty McShae said...


Foot Eater said...

Anyone who is still checking this site is a sad wanker.

SafeTinspector said...

Hey.... wait, no, I get it.

.., I don't. Its just this black nothingness, and I refuse to believe an acerbic dick like Barbudo would resort to bantam level metaphysical symbolism.

Foot Eater said...

No Christmas cheer from you then, you arsehole?

El Barbudo said...

My arsehole has a sprig of mistletoe above it just waiting for you Footeater

Foot Eater said...

Never had you pegged as an anolingual fetishist, El B, but it's nice to know that you still think about me.

Monstee said...


It have been six months.
You am due.